5 Tips for Hiring a Residential Electrician

A poorly wired house is a fire waiting to happen, thousands of residential fires are started every year because of faulty wiring.  A fire can be started from just one damaged wire.  Long before that happens you will notice signs such as getting shocks, the lights dimming when you use an appliance and breakers tripping on a regular basis.  Never mess around with electricity yourself that is best left to the professionals and on that note here are 5 tips for hiring a residential electrician.

1. Determine the Work You Need Done

Before you start calling electricians you need to determine what the scope of the work is.  If you are building a new house then you need the whole place wired.  If you are flipping a house or renovating yours, let the electrician know whether you need new outlets put in or the wiring upgraded.  If you are calling because you’re having problems with outages or some other problem then describe the problem in detail.  The more information you can give your electrician the better.

2. Get a Couple of Quotes

There are probably a dozen or more qualified electricians in your town that specialize in residential clients.  You want to get at least three different quotes from different electricians, that will give you enough for an average price for the work you need done.  Another thing you need to ask is how long it will take to get the job done.  The job may only half a day but it could be weeks before they have free time to get it done.  Good electricians are in high demand so it could take a while before they can get to you.

3. Choose an Electrician

Before you hire an electrician always do some due diligence and make sure they have all of their licenses, permits and insurance in order.  The electrician should have no problem providing the documentation. You also want to check ratings and online reviews to see what other customers have to say.  Your electrician doesn’t have to be the most personable guy around but he does need to be good at his job.  Check with the BBB in your area to see if there have been any complaints.

4. Get a Quote in Writing

As with any contractor you want to have an agreement in place that includes the scope of the work and the final price for the work.  If you have something in writing in place that reduces the chances of “extra charges” on the final bill. Also if the payment is scheduled out then that should be included on the quote as well.  Some electricians will require a deposit, but if they want the entire amount up front that is a red flag.

5. Go Over the Work

Once the project is completed then you want to have the electrician show you everything that was done. Everything should be up to code mistakes with electrical work are dangerous.

Hiring the right electrician is important, going without electricity is one thing but poorly done electrical work is dangerous.


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