How to Put Vinyl Flooring in Your Home

How to Put Vinyl Flooring in Your Home

Putting in your own vinyl flooring is one of those DIY projects that you can tackle on your own.  The idea of putting in your own flooring may scare you at first, start with a small room and once you see how easy it is you will have the confidence to install it anywhere.  Let us show you how to put vinyl flooring in your home, you can get it done on a Saturday afternoon.

Getting Started

To get started the vinyl needs to be at room temperature so that it can be laid properly.  If you have been storing it outside or in the garage then you might want to bring it in the house the night before.  Clear the room of all furniture and find the main wall of the room, the biggest wall with no doors or impediments.  You want to roll out the vinyl from here. You want to see how it looks and if the pattern works.

If everything looks great then it is time to start cutting the vinyl to fit the room.  Leave at least 3 inches overlap when you start cutting the vinyl to fit the room, make sure that everything is covered before you start cutting.  The old saying holds, “measure twice and cut once” if you cut too much off then you have ruined the vinyl and will have to buy a whole new sheet.  You can start cutting the corners first to make sure it will lay nicely against the wall. Here is how to cut the corners so that it fits your room.

Cutting Around Fixtures

Most people don’t want to install their own flooring because they are too intimidated to cut the vinyl around the fixtures like heating vents in the kitchen or toilets in the bathroom.  It isn’t as hard as you think all that you need to do is make your own template of the obstacles, to do that you want some sturdy paper that won’t tear easily.  Start with the front half of the toilet and make a template, grab another piece of paper for a template in the back.  Put both pieces together and you have a pattern you can use to cut the vinyl.  Once you have all of the fixtures cut out then it is time to lay the vinyl.

Laying the Vinyl

Now that you have all of the cuts done for the obstacles on the floor it is time to start laying the vinyl.  You can start by putting down the vinyl adhesive and lay the flooring on top.  You want to keep a utility knife handy, make sure you have fresh sharp blades, dull blades can end up ripping your vinyl.  Make the final cuts with the utility knife up against the wall and trim any excess from around the fixtures.  You will need to let the floor dry before everybody comes walking through the room.

Vinyl flooring is a great addition to your home, it is easy to install, clean and maintain.  It is very affordable compared to other flooring types.  If you’re still not comfortable laying your own vinyl flooring then a flooring contractor can have it done for you in an afternoon.


And don’t forget to check the foundation of your flooring – it is so important.

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