5 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Windows

5 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Windows

One of the most common home renovation projects is replacing your windows.  Windows and doors are one of the biggest contributors to the overall design of your home.  They are also going to make up a big part of the budget especially if you are putting on an addition or building your dream home. You want windows that look good, are energy efficient and that last for years.  Aluminum windows fit that bill, here are 5 reasons to choose aluminum windows.

1. The Quality

Aluminum is lightweight yet durable, it is recyclable and one of the most plentiful metals, making it a better choice than other metals or wood framed windows.  The finish is high quality yet it still looks great in any home.

2. The Design

When shopping for windows homeowners look for large panes with very small frames around them.  These types of windows work in both older homes and in new construction.  Since you are using aluminum rather than wood the metal allows for slimmer frames.  Once you have the overall style of the windows chosen now it is time to pick your finishes.  You can choose from a couple of different colors so that your windows blend with the finishes on your home.  You have the option of picking colors for the interior and exterior.

You can also choose how you want the windows to open.  How the windows open will depend on their placement height and the size of the window. Your windows can open outward, parallel, tilt or turn.

3. Home Security

We have all seen the movies and television shows where a burglar breaks into a home by jimmying the windows open.  Good secure windows make that nearly impossible, these windows are durable and strong.  They will meet the security standards of any security system and you can get them with a multi-point locking system.  No one will be getting in your home through your windows.

4. Energy Efficient

If you own an older home with older windows you are losing heat through the windows.  If you have to cover your windows in plastic over the winter to keep your home warm then it is time for more energy efficient windows.  If you live where temperatures drop significantly in the winter you may want to consider triple glazing rather than double.  Another thing to consider is how well your windows block out noise.  If you live in the city with traffic and blaring sirens then look for a product that is noise efficient.

5. The Cost

Lastly we come to your budget for new windows.  You need to balance the other factors in this list against what you can afford to pay.  Don’t overlook the cost of installation as well.  Fortunately aluminum windows not only add value to your property but they are price competitive too.  Check out pricing from a couple of window contractors before you make your decision.

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